Friday, October 30, 2009


Went on a nature walk today..

Sami and I had a tad too much fun..

It was a beautiful day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Freshmen 15..

My body hates me. Well, it hates the food in the dining hall. Its not my fault they make the fries so good!

Recently I've gotten and 81 on my last Biology test, and an 89 on one of my papers. I'd say thats pretty spiffy.

A lot has happened over the past month:
1) Lawanda, Dana, and I decided our room was too cramped the way it was so we got bureaus that go under our beds which raised our mattresses to about 4 feet off the floor. It may not sound high, but try sleeping like that. It is pretty intimidating. I now have to take a running start to just get into bed. And its always fun having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and forgetting you are that high up and sliding into the abyss..

2) I have learned how to swing dance! Kinda.. I've learned the charleston, and some twirls, and the rock step triple step triple step. Its once a week and the instructors take people who are interested to a swing dancing club every monday so we can get extra practice. I haven't gone yet but it sounds AWESOME. Maybe during the holidays I can teach everyone some moves.

3) I am officially broke. Enough said. At least I have a job.. sort of.

4) Speaking of jobs, I work at the Hampden Family Center in Inner Balimore now. Every Wednesday, I hop in a van and go tutor kids. They come to the center after school, we tutor the kids for an hour, and then we get to play on the playground for an hour. Its probably the best job I've ever had. The kids are so sweet, but the stories they tell you are heart breaking. They are really great kids dealing with things no one should have to deal with. Just last week I was told by one little boy his dad was in jail for the fifth time and how much he misses him. He said he would like to meet his baby sister one day who lives in Philadelphia. What do you say to that? Its hard sometimes, but when the kids hit that playground they can just be kids. I play tag with them and once we found a praying mantis, so I gave them a little biology lesson on the jungle gym. They all wanted to kill it, but by the time I was done telling them about it they wanted to take it home. Every time we walk back to the center from the park, two little girls (it changes every week) hold my hands all the way back. We skip and I sing "loo loo skip to my loo" and they love it.

5) Every semester there is a school wide game of "tag" you might say. Its called humans vs. zombies. Basically, zombies go around tagging humans until there are no humans left. It is played 24/7, and things can get pretty intense. Humans wear bandannas on their arms or legs, and are allowed to carry nerf guns and socks as protection from zombies. If a zombie is hit by a nerf dart or socks, he/she is "stunned" for 15 minutes and cannot tag any humans. Zombies also wear bandannas, but on their heads instead of the arm or leg. The most recent game just ended and there are still socks and nerf darts scattered throughout the campus. I didn't play this time because I had to work on a paper and I knew if I played I would get way too into it. It was a good call on my part.

So, that's basically what has been happening. Halloween is coming up and everyone here is excited. I am going to be a lady bug this year and a few of my friends and I are going out trick-or-treating. Can't wait! Also, there will be a showing of a documentary called "Food Inc". Here is a trailer for it (should be interesting):


Well, Thanksgiving break is November 25th-29th. I hope the family can get together for dinner! Miss you all!