Monday, August 24, 2009


Hello hello, fancy seeing you here. :)

You know what's super duper fun? Packing. And packing. And packing some more. Clothes, hangers, pencils, jars of nutella (which somehow never lasts long..). Its enough to drive a gal up a wall. Our entire front room is dedicated to stuff. Just two more days!

How about I introduce my roommates. Oh yes, there is more than one.

Meet Dana
She is super funny, very nice, likes to read and make art, and loves The Godfather.

Meet Lawanda

She is also very funny and sweet, enjoys music, and is kind of quiet.

All that is left on the to-get list is a mini fridge, printer paper, mattress pad, and a vacuum.

The past couple of days here have been filled with a lot of good-byes, and that is always hard. But I'm finally starting to see this is going to be an adventure, and it will be fun.. I hope. AHH, anyone have any advice before I leave? I'll take just about anything at this point.

We are leaving hopefully by 7:30 am on Thursday for check-in at 10. Then I will be all on my lonesome. Dun dun dun.. But I'm excited to start classes on the 1st. I will have modern dance, then get acquainted with my chemistry teacher in a three hour lab, and then head off to my "frontiers" class in alternative medicine. Basically this class is an ice breaker and I get to know the staff a little better. Its only for the first semester, so when its done I can take a class I'm REALLY interested in, like cognitive sciences! :)

If you are ever interested in sending me a small trifle, (PLEASE) here is my address at school:

Amanda M. Griffith
Goucher College Post Office
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204

and feel free to send me an e-mail:

I miss my room already..


  1. Good luck Amanda! I'm looking forward to hearing how everything is going! hug Diana

  2. It may be scary now....and for the first 5 minutes your alone. But trust me that these next few years are going to shape you into the adult that you will/want to be. I am so very proud of you lady!!!! Godd luck and keep your hopes high!! Love you :)