Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Orientation is officially over!!

It felt like summer camp with all the activities we were doing. We went to a baseball game (which got rained out..), went though baltimore, ate as large masses. It was great. But we were all itching to start classes, so i'm glad yesterday was our first real academic day.

Here is a picture of the stadium. It was the Orioles Vs. the Cleveland Indians. The game was actually in the 6th inning and it got rained out. But it was ok, we all just went and danced in the rain! :)

and here's a picture of some of my new friends!
From left to right, its Dana (MY roommate), Corinne (hall mate), Sami (the coolest welsh guy I've ever met), and Suyana (Corinne's roommate)

So the first day of classes was yesterday, and all I had was modern dance because our biology lab was canceled since we have had no lecture. Modern dance was at 9, and I was actually really grumpy the night before because when I looked at the course description it said we would be learning the art form through lecture and readings and writings blah blah blah. So of course, I showed up in skinny jeans. Low and behold, we actually do dance in the class (thank god) but I was by no means dressed to dance. The teacher looked a little worried when she saw my jeans, but I explained what had happened and she was cool about it.

This woman is hysterical. She made us do this walking exercise where we "track" someone. So you have to get behind someone and try and imitate their walk. Oh and there are live musicians every class so this class we had a drummer. SO COOL. Then we had to pretend we were gorillas. I'm actually learning so much in this class.

Today I had like.. every freaking class. I had english, biology (lecture), chemistry (lecture), and I have frontiers at 1:30. That class is about Alternative Medicine. It'll be fun. :)

Also, BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! The big 1-9. My friends on campus are taking me out. I've met some really awesome people here. I'm feeling very lucky.

Saturday there will be an outdoor concert, so if anyone is interested in coming down to visit, you could come see that too. Tonight is the welcoming ceremony with the whole school. Each class has to wear a color, and ours is Blue. There is going to be a big chain of people from the old library to the new library and we are going to pass the last books into the new library. It will be very cool to witness.

Oh and our minifridge is finally coming tonight too. WOO!! I can finally have leftovers!

Well, I think that is it for now. Miss everyone! Hope everything is going well!


  1. Just received email your package was delivered. Have a nice Birthday weekend!

  2. It sounds like you are enjoying! Happy HAPPY Bday, Amanda. I'm sending a big hug, 19 kisses and a little pinch.